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Im a 57year old Father of 7 and lucky enough to have a outstanding wife of 25 years, not a career politician, not incredibly wealthy , what I am is a middle class working man and that is who I will represent, Iam on the board for Special Olympics Hamilton county, I was instrumental in the creation of the national board of small business. I have been self employed my adult life buying failing business and restoring them to success I put my wife though PA school, we own a home here in the district and are kids go to public school Iam heavily invested in our district and will fight for it


Stop voting party...

We need to stop setting up Photo opps for President Trump, and voting because you feel it looks good for your party , we need to get the House together, Lets just drop the name Obamacare change it to some bipartisan title and fix it We need what is good for all ... Healthcare


Min wage

I will fight to bring up wages to a living wage
Rents are so high we are seeing folks having to work 60 and 70 hours per week to live this is just not right


Our schools are i...

Schools in this district are falling apart, we have building condemned, this will just not due, I will get federal funds to repair out schools


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    Jackson Day Dinner

    Mcminn county